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Top 10 Halloween Movies | Family Friendly

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It’s that time of year! Fall leaves, pumpkins, carving, costumes, and lots of candy! We love to bring in the holiday with fun spooky movies and here is our families top 10. All great movies for all age groups young and old.

These are in no particular order

This is a great Halloween movie filled with spooky laughs! Great comedy for parents and kids of all ages.

Halloweentown and Halloweentown II are both great movies for all ages.  A young girl on her 13th birthday,  learns she’s a witch, discovers a secret portal and is transported to HALLOWEENTOWN — a magical place where ghosts and ghouls, witches and werewolves live apart from the human world. But she soon finds herself battling wicked warlocks, evil curses and endless surprises.

Two of my boys favorite movies! Even if it’s not Halloween. The first movies tells a classic story of Dracula’s lavish hotel and raising his little girl here where humans are not allowed. As you can probably guess, a human stumbling upon the hotel and take the family by surprise.

The 2nd movie tells the story of Mavis (Dracula’s daughter) all grown up with a family of her own. When Mavis leaves to see the human world Dracula loves his new roll as Grandpa.

I have to admit this is probable one of my favorite movies, I loved watching this as a kid and they did a great job at making Casper a friendly ghost.

What starts out as an exciting road trip for the Toy Story gang takes an unexpected turn for the worse following a detour to a roadside motel. After Mr. Potato Head suddenly disappears, his friends find themselves caught up in a hilarious mystery that must be solved before they suffer the same fate in this thrilling Toy Story OF TERROR!

Ghostbusters is a classic, old school movie. Surprising enough both my boys liked it and they’re 4 & 6. I think the music especially had something to do with it.

When a little girl named Boo wanders into their world, it’s the monsters who are scared silly, and it’s up to Sulley and Mike to keep her out of sight and get her back home. This is a great movie for the little ones, great graphics and funny and silly scene.

In The Goonies, a gang of misfit kids and their families are about to be evicted from their neighborhood, because it’s slated to be turned into a golf course — unless enough money can be raised to stop the development. When the leader of the gang, Mikey, stumbles across an old map leading to the hidden fortune of a pirate named One-Eyed Willy, the Goonies head out on one last adventure to find the treasure and save the day. Gather the kids together and get ready to enjoy one of the most hilarious family movies of all time.

My boys love any movies with a group of kids, it’s like they see themselves and their friends. This is no exception to that, filled with fun pirate like action and a happy ending, it’s the perfect spooky adventure for all family member.s

The complete set of Harry Potter Movies yes perfect for Halloween. Funny story because I wouldn’t have considered this to be scary but in fact I put this movie in and my oldest was actual scared, he wanted to continue to watch but the suspense was exciting.

Earth to Echo is an exciting group of kids who find UFO, a small alien like robot who needs their helping getting home and can’t do it alone. It’s up to these kids to help him find his missing pieces and get home.


Fill your Halloween this year with fun family time!

34 thoughts on “Top 10 Halloween Movies | Family Friendly

  1. I do not watch horror movies! AT ALL! I freak out far too much.
    So when I clicked on your link – I am thinking “Why am I even….”
    This list seems to be made with me in mind 😀

    1. I don’t like horror either, to many seem so real these days. But I’m always up for a good kids movies with adult humor. Watch a few you’d be surprised how good they are.

  2. I had no idea Toy Story had a Halloween movie! I’ll definitely be putting it on for my toddler today. Hotel Transylvania is a big hit in our house right now too.

  3. I definitely recognize some of these movies!! It’s the best having littles so you can watch all of the fun Halloween, Christmas, and lets be honest all the kids movies!

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