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Counting by 2’s | 5’s | 10’s – Free Printable Activity

Hello everyone! I’m recently been focusing on how to teach my first grader how to count by 2’s, 5’s, and 10’s. This is something they started practicing toward the end of kindergarten and strengthen through math in 1st grade. My son had recently been home sick and was bored out of his mind, so I pulled out a few learning activities (nothing to crazy as he wasn’t feeling the best) something to pass the time other than TV.

tell me and i’ll forget. show me and i may remember. involve me and i learn – Benjamin Franklin

We started focusing on money; coins mostly, a fun thing to learn this age. At this age they are starting to understand what it means and even how to earn it. What I quickly realized what that unless he knew the basics of counting it was going to be tough teaching him money. He had mentioned doing something in class around counting but his teach moved way to quick for him, and that’s OK. I understand with large classes children learn at all stages as a Mom I know how my child works best which requires more of my one on one attention. Knowing this before it’s to late is important, if you think your child is being skipped over or just moving on from work at school take even 10-20 minutes a day to do a learning activity with he/she. Search the web or hit the Dollar Store up for great easy one page activities)

So I hit the web and created a fun activity to help your children visualize and better comprehend counting. My son and I did this activity only a couple of times before he was really getting the hang of it and now he doesn’t need to worksheet to help, he can visualize his counting in his head and recite it.

The idea behind this activity works more like a puzzle, it’s an activity you can do together or independently.

Here how to use this activity.

  1. After printing out all the sheets cut each of the strips out.
  2. Use the blank grid to instruct your child to put the puzzle together.
  3. Help them understand what it means to count by 5’s. For example, 5 + 5 is 10 add another 5 = 15. Remind them by adding 5 the next puzzle piece gives them the correct puzzle strip.


Tips: Help your child see the patterns, talk to them about what a pattern in and show them when the puzzle is complete. Most of all make it fun!


Your child is never to young to learning counting in any form but from my experience both my boys work better will visualization. This is a great activity preschoolers.

I hope you’ve all found this useful and I’d love to hear your counting stories or tips and tricks that have worked for you. Comment below, or contact me via social media here:

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Counting by 2’s Activity

Counting Activity Printable

Counting by 5’s Activity

Counting Activity Printable – 5s

Counting by 10’s Activity

Counting Activity Printable 10




17 thoughts on “Counting by 2’s | 5’s | 10’s – Free Printable Activity

  1. Such great ideas! I’ll definitely be using some of these with my Kindergartener who loves counting! We’ve only just started teaching about 5’s and 10’s.

  2. Such a great idea! I remember doing a similar project in school with plastic replicas of change. It was a lot of fun for me, I bet it’s fun for your kids too. Your right it never I’d too early to get started teaching, it’s so impressive how intelligent children really are! They just soak it right up… especially if they’re having fun while learning. 😉

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