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Kids Fall Photo Traditions

Fall is one of the most beautiful time of the year. Here in the Pacific Northwest when Fall hits the leaves make for the most perfect portrait pictures! My sons birthday is in the first part of November and when he was a baby we would hire someone to take his pictures. Usually indoors and not always the best outcome. Once I had my second son I had perfected taking pictures, as do most parents do after their first child with any device I could get my hand on.

I scoured Pinterest for ways I could make my love of taking pictures into a Fall tradition. Here’s what I knew I wanted. Fall leaves, fun environment for my kids, a tradition to stamp the year.

Because it was my sons birthday I thought how cool would it be to bring in his new age into the photo even better with the leaves. Now year after year I take a few minutes to snap these easy fun fall pictures all from my own front yard.

The trees are about to show us how lovely it is to let things go.

What you need

Camera – I use my DRLS 3500 but I’ve also used my l iPhone camera 6 and higher would work great too!

Leaves – whatever is around you. I like all natural leaves 🍁 and depending on how long in to fall you are your leaves will reflect differently when you’re taking the pictures. I’d like to find a unique pattern but my front yard leaves are pretty simple and that’s what I’m going for.

Ladder/stool/tripod – I use this to stand above my kids to get a picture from on top of them.

Props – not always necessary but sometimes fun, have a Tree stump or log, hay bails, or pumpkins this can always make for a more festive picture. We even through a football around for fun.

Location – I love the contrast of green grass with all the leaves, it brings out the leaves colors. Again because I’m going simple my front yard is my favorite area to shoot.Tips

I am not a professional photographer I simple love to snap pictures of my kids effortlessly. I don’t like to complicate things especially for kids this can stress them out.

Lighting – You might think a beautiful blue sky day would work perfect for your fall photo shoot but as you can see for your kids not so good. The sun ☀️ is too bright for their little eyes, and trying to get a picture of them from above just means your shadow is standing right on top of them.

Instead a overcast/cloudy day is more ideal. Less shadows and light blinding them. Again we’re going for simple, you can edit photo colors and lightening in many easy to use apps.

As parents we know when are kids are having fun we’re having fun so get crazy. I like to pile a punch of leave around them and on the count of three they get to throw them up in the air. This also makes for great pictures, capturing the fun laughter and their smiling faces.

Get creative – our tradition is to make the kids ages out of leaves but if you want create a family picture and spell your last name or the year, really the possibilities are endless just have fun!

Go black and white – once you’ve snapped your shots filter them. I love to use Instagram or even just my camera’s filters. Black and white makes for beautiful contrast to everything in the picture.

I hope you all have fun taking your very own fall photo’s! Comment below with your favorite fall kids pictures. I’d love to see and hear about your fall traditions.

7 thoughts on “Kids Fall Photo Traditions

  1. Hello Andrea Hamblen
    I simply love all your pictures and its always amazing to keep all the memories of the growing kids.
    The way you are doing it, in love with it.
    I am thinking how much time it may have taken to write the numbers with fallen leaves.
    WOw, impressed
    Thumbs up!!
    Pinky khan from voice of sudhnoti.

  2. Wow this looks like so much fun my son would love it. Amazing and creative how you got the leaves to form numbers. Happy kids happy mom🙏🏽

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