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Positive Parenting Discipline – DIY Tools

Let’s just be honest with ourselves Moms, we all wanted kids one way or another but lord did we ever imagine it would be this hard. It’s emotionally draining, it take everything you thought you had and then more. Parenting is a tough job, and yes still the most rewarding. But then you have to share you parenting view with someone else. Men and women are already completely opposite now we get to decide how to raise a child in our own crazy, beautiful, failing, winning, laughing, and crying ways.

I’ll tell you my husband and I have very different parenting styles and I think that’s what makes us a great team. We’re willing to agree that although we may not like how each other always parent we’re in it together. We talk about it. I can’t express the years of struggles we had raising our boys and their only 3 and 6 but when we finally figured out how to communicate and  how we can together positively discipline and teach our kids to be accountable.

We started using these our first official summer after kindergarten and it has been life changing. A friend and I collaborated on perfecting it and I have told every mother I know and they too are finding it to be effective and positive. Best part, this is a completely customizable method and all done on your own.

We all fight, ague, and yell at are kids sometime. No parent is perfect and you shouldn’t be, making mistakes and taking ownership of them is how we show them falling and getting back up is important part of life.

DIY Helper Sticks

How it works: The idea behind the helper sticks is that our child will get one each time they make a choice to do something they shouldn’t have. For example hitting, or throwing toys, back talking, a negative choice gets a positive actions. You will ask you child to pick a stick from the jar and they have to do the task on the stick. You decide what to put on your sticks, I have listed 20 below you can use. I like to put tasks that help the family, including chores to help mom or dad. I have found this to be most effective. They have to take ownership of their actions by helping.

What you need:

Colored popsicle sticks



DIY Helper Stick


Helper word to write on your sticks.

  • Sweep
  • Clean windows
  • Clean bathroom counter
  • Clear off the kitchen table
  • Wipe the baseboard
  • Clean up the toys in the garage
  • Organize the books shelf
  • Pick up dog toys (outside or in)
  • Wipe table and chairs
  • Load/Unload Dishwasher
  • Poop Scoop (for pet owners)
  • Organize shoes closet
  • Tidy up the couch
  • Hang up coats
  • Vacuum
  • Set the table for dinner
  • Help Cook
  • Switch laundry
  • Dust
  • Mop floors

Get creative and customize your own helper sticks and remember this a task for kids is not to be done alone. It’s a good time to spend with your kids and teach them.

Note: Nothing works without patience and your level of commitment. My 6 and 3-year-old can’t poop scoop but they can help me, also give me a chance to teach them for future.