Mom vs Blogging

Mom vs Blogging | Part 2

Back again with a much more knowledge about blogging. It’s been so much fun writing and connecting with other bloggers and in my blogging niche – being a mom, parenting, marriage, family, and community. To make the process easily to understand I’ve broke down some of the most important things I’ve learned in the last few months and why by now if your diving into blogging you should know.


Plugins – Now by this point you have probable already locked in a host (web server, web host) I again went through BlueHost which so far I have been really happy with, I have many times needed technically support with my Wordpress website and they have been so helpful. If you still on the fence about choosing a site provider do more research or reach out to me anytime with questions.

I can’t speak for all web hosting sites but Wordpress makes it especially easy to add cool features to your website. Such as plugins. Plugins are a upgrade to your webpage (most are free, some offer an upgrade or PRO version for a cost) sort of like a app extension to your site. For example when you post your blog adding pictures are great way to attract your community but make it easy for them to save your post by adding social media plugin in so they can easily share or pin it. Another great plugin is one you can easily get to know how your page/blog is doing. I’ve recently added google analytics, this plugin shares my sites traffic and clicks with me. Even if right now you’re not into checking your daily or even weekly traffic it’s always a good way to see what your audience is liking from what you’re doing how you can improve or make adjustment.


Facebook groups 

I can not stress enough how important is it getting into Facebook Groups. When I first started blogging I wasn’t quite sure what/why I kept reading how important is was to get into groups, let me tell you why and which are the best for you.

No matter what your niche I would highly recommend you get into blogging groups. You can easily do this but just searching for blogging in the groups tab on Facebook this will open up many suggested groups and include different blogging social media groups such as Instagram, Pinterests, Facebook, twitter promoting groups. I’d recommend researching the group before joining. Look for a high number of members, this just allows your more exposure. Also look for active groups, one where there is Q/A and admin support promoting. A few of the groups I am in are great because the admin posts everyday asking for latest blog post and then asks if you share that you like others post or social media accounts. This is great exposure for you. You may not always get to see the content before joining so if you join and it’s not for you just leave, no hard feelings but you want to stay active.

Other groups to look into are ones in your line of work or field of writing. I write about parenting, marriage, being mom, DIY and share family time recipes. I searched for parenting groups local and nationwide, again one that’s active and allow you to post. Tip: I had found being in a few of these groups they do not let you share your blog, this isn’t a bad things but just means you’ll have to work harder at building relationship and a community within that group- this can be difficult and instead I’d recommend starting your own group and invite friends of other groups, this will allow you to control the content and community.

I spend a lot of time promoting even just the same post over and over to allow it to gain more traction. You want to stay relevant these groups allow you to do that.


Pinterest– I’m going to totally real with you. Pinterest is seriously one of the best apps out there but it is wired unlike any other social media apps. I’ll tell you why…. it’s not a social media app it’s a search engine. I’d recommend setting up a Pinterest business page, it’s really easy to do and once organized can provide a big way to share your content.

A few of the best ways to get your blog post noticed is through Pinterest the best way to do this is to tailor your post to Pinterest vs tailored to your style. Optimize your image to Pinterest size and make it crystal clear what your sharing. You can do this using one of my most favorite picture editing app or website called Canva.  You can get lots of FREE images from many different site however here’s my experience from doing that. I recently used an image that had been used a million times, I did not know it at the time but pinned my image and BAM Pinterest related post came up with hundreds of images all of the same picture other bloggers had edited just like me. It’s a bit of a blow to your post if your using the same images as thousands of other bloggers, you don’t exactly set yourself apart. I am not a creative person which is why I like Pinterest so much but now those FREE stock photo sites are just another way for me to find creativity to take my own images.


Taking Your Own Images –  I’ll keep this simple, do whatever you can to use your own work. Like I mentioned before, you’re not setting yourself apart using free images. However they are beneficial in some cases but if you are putting in all the work to write your post put a bit more work into taking your own images, I promise it will pay off.  This won’t always be the case, and in many times I can’t walk out my front door and find a related image to what I’m writing about and that’s OK, but edit it. Change the color or add something making it you not the thousands floating around.


Blogging Apps – I used to do everything on my phone but since blogging I have started using my laptop a lot more. Great, but a lot of my work or brainstorming ideas are all on my phone. These apps are just a few of my favorite because no matter what device I’m using I can sign in and it keeps all my work wherever I am.

  • Canva – great for editing picture and creating works of art for blog post and social media. Also it’s FREE unless you want to purchase their images. Love this because it’s optimized for bloggers.
  • OneNote – Love this like other note app because you can easily sign in wherever you are and all your work is there.  I write all my blog post, brainstorming or crazy ideas as they come up and can later come back to them.
  • Instagram- Yes it’s obviously great app for personal social media but for blogging it’s great for sharing on all your social media platforms. Head to Instagram with one or multiple images and you can share it on your twitter and Facebook business page.
  • Pixabay- Free stock images, great when you need them. Remember though make it your own, set yourself apart.

Facebook Groups – Unfortunately this app no longer exists but I am still mentioning it because you can access your groups in Facebook on the sidebar. I am on my groups daily interacting with other bloggers and community. This is also a great way to bounce ideas off each other or use others ideas. Never copy someone else’s work but read other bloggers work and make it your own, maybe you have a different opinion or know your traffic would love to know your take on the topic.


Subscribing to other bloggers-  It’s all very exciting starting a blog and there are a lot of other blogging out there blogging about blogging…  but let me for warn you they have  a lot of great information but at some point they’re one or even twice a day emails are going to drive you crazy. On top of it they are usually going to try and sell you some ebook or ecourse. Not all of these are worth your money so if you have a budget for purchasing courses do your research first and limit who you subscribe to.

Staying organized – This is totally up to you and I probably don’t need to tell you how you can best stay organized because really this comes within yourself to do or be. I have my ways of staying organized and then I have ideas how about staying organized, I love my ideas and they always sounds great but actually executing them is not my strong suite. As a busy mom I do my best to keep my kids and life organized trying to do that with this has been tough. I have been using OneNote to help keep my brain in check but I have wanted to start using a some sort of calendar to organize those ideas and goals on posts. I haven’t done this yet but hope the next time we connect I’ll have a better grasps of this.


I hope this helps you along blogging journey. Everyone’s journey is different, don’t compare yourself to other be you and people will love it and stay with you. I hope the next time we connect I’ll get to share with you ways to increase traffic. This is one of my next goals.


Until next time, happy blogging.