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Basketball Team Snacks | Free Printable

I love this idea to create a hoop out of your sports snacks. Check out how easy this is to create and it’s a healthy inexpensive snack that will get your kids excited to eat.

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  1. Start by drawing the net on the clear plastic cup by drawing angled wobbly lines on then head the opposite way connecting the top from the second line on the bottom. See image for details.
  2. Print out your FREE PRINTABLE HERE Hoops Snack Printable  cut each hoop out and personalize it to your team’s name or colors.
  3. Tape the back board to the top of the bottle.
  4. Wrap the rubber band around the lid and the clear cup filled with a cuties.
  5. I also added this super cute basketball pen I found on Amazon for a smoke’n price, it’s the perfect touch.

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Hope you’ve all enjoy making these super fun easy DIY Basketball Team Sports, comment with your pictures below and reach out anytime with questions.

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