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12 Days of Christmas Movies

It’s that time of year, when you finished leftover turkey, which you could never get enough of, put your sweat pants on and grab a Christmas movie to enjoy with your family. We have a couple very special shelves in our house where we put all our favorite Christmas Classics. Now it seems to get thinner and thinner each year with everything digital but that’s OK with me. Aren’t we always looking for ways to de-clutter? That’s why I am seriously in love with Amazon prime video, all our favorites movies and shows in one spot. If your not a prime member you should be, or grab it as the perfect Christmas gift this year. Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial

I have no doubt just watching one of these Christmas Favorites will get you in the spirit of the holidays. In no particular order because that are all truly amazing in there very own. I hope you enjoy this year’s line up!

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Santa Clause |PG

Everything you could ever wonder about Santa, his reindeer, Mrs Clause, how he get’s through a chimney, how he gets to you even if you don’t have a chimney all you questions answered here. The most magical traditions of the holiday, including guest appearances from Tooth Fairy, Mother Nature, Easter Bunny and more! We don’t see the holidays pass before watching these at least a couple times.


Elf | PG

A great Christmas Comedy, Will Farrell play’s a hilarious man raised by Elves and when he enters the real world to find his father he makes coming to the city quite interesting.

Charlie Brown Christmas | PG

A Christmas classic that all began in 1965. It’s amazing what a little love can do, this is a must see for all families.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas | PG

This story never gets old, when a mean old Grinch born with a heart a little to small, tries to ruin the spirit of Christmas but taking every thing that makes this holiday fun, but in turn learns that the town doesn’t wake to Christmas upset not to have their presents but joy they have each other.

Home Alone | PG

When a young Kevin is left behind by his large family he finds himself home alone for Christmas. When two mean old crooks think the house in empty they try break in, they are surprised to find out what is in store for them when Kevin tries to save his families home.

Arthur Christmas |PG

When Santa is on his road to retirement he interns his two sons to take the ropes of his sleigh. You see both brothers heart and passion for the Holiday but only will take the rains.

Four Christmases | PG-13

Each year this happily unmarried couple find themselves socked in by fog on Christmas morning, As a result their exotic vacation plans morph into the family-centric holiday. Vince Vaughn and Reese Witherspoon are hilarious couple, totally relatable and sharing the joys of others families when bringing together a relationship brings back memories.

A Christmas story | PG

In this holiday classic, Ralphie, a young boy growing up in the ’40’s, dreams of owning a Red Rider BB gun. He sets out to convince the world this is the perfect gift. Classic holiday comedy great for the whole family.

Jack Frost | PG

A heartwarming story for the whole family! Following the death of his father, a young boy is befriended by a magical snowman who turns out to be his reincarnated father. Momma’s getting ready for a few tears in this story, it is truly magical.

Elf on the Shelf | PG

An Elf’s Story is the inspirational tale of Chippey, the enthusiastic young scout elf who is assigned by Santa to restore Taylor’s belief in Christmas magic. When Taylor breaks the number one Elf on the Shelf rule and touches Chippey in a boyish act of defiance, the elf loses his Christmas magic. Through the power of love and forgiveness, both Taylor and Chippey learn that true belief cannot be taught.

Jingle all the way | PG

It’s right before Christmas and high-powered businessman Howard is fighting a shopping war in order to buy his son the hottest action figure of the season — Turbo Man. Forgetting to get this gift on the day before Christmas will be quite the trick, when he finds out how popular this toy is!

Fred Clause | PG

You’ve met Santa, but have you met his brother Fred? A hilarious and heartwarming comedy starring Vince Vaughn and Paul Giamatti about Santa’s brother, and complete opposite, Fred Claus.

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  1. Great list of Christmas movies! I think I have seen all but the Elf on the Shelf. I was actually planning on getting that for my kids this year.

  2. We’ve started a tradition of gifting the kids with Christmas Jammie’s and a Christmas movie on Christmas Eve. I was wondering if I would run out of movie ideas – thanks for this list!

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